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Who's Who

St. John's CE Primary School Staff

Leadership Team

Leadership Team 1 Head Teacher: Miss A.C.Withey
Leadership Team 2 Deputy Head Teacher & DSL: Mrs Birkett-Rothwell
Leadership Team 3 SENCO & EYFS Leader: Mrs C.Hanson

Office Staff

Office Staff 1 Office Staff: Miss K.Hickey
Office Staff 2 Office Staff: Mrs C.Dodd

Class Teachers

Class Teachers 1 Reception: Miss R.Solan
Class Teachers 2 Year 1: Mrs L.Beresford
Class Teachers 3 Year 2: Mrs M.Milne
Class Teachers 4 Year 3: Mr B.Hunter
Class Teachers 5 Year 4: Mrs N.Thompson
Class Teachers 6 Year 5: Mr J.Seale
Class Teachers 7 Year 6: Miss A.Hughes
Class Teachers 8 Year 6: Mrs R.Wall
Class Teachers 9 PPA Cover: Miss J.Weatherburn

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants 1 HLTA Cover: Mrs S.Knight
Teaching Assistants 2 SEN & Inclusion: Miss N.Roe
Teaching Assistants 3 EYFS: Miss J.Semeniuk
Teaching Assistants 4 EYFS: Miss H.Blears
Teaching Assistants 5 Year 1: Mrs W.Stott
Teaching Assistants 6 Key Stage 1: Mrs S.Khan
Teaching Assistants 7 Lower Key Stage 2: Mr M.Wooff
Teaching Assistants 8 Upper Key Stage 2: Mrs J.Chesters

Mid-Day Support

Mid-Day Support 1 Kitchen Staff: Mrs R.Thomasson
Mid-Day Support 2 Mid-Day Supervisor: Mrs A.Blades
Mid-Day Support 3 Mid-Day Supervisor: Mrs L.Warwick
Mid-Day Support 4 Mid-Day Supervisor: Mrs J.Cookson
Mid-Day Support 5 Mid-Day Supervisor: Mrs T.Lewis
Mid-Day Support 6 Mid-Day Supervisor: Miss Z.Pennington
Mid-Day Support 7 Mid-Day Supervisor: Mrs J.Roberts

Site Staff

Site Staff 1 Site Manager: Mr J.Stec
Site Staff 2 Cleaning Support: Mrs D.Grady
Site Staff 3 Cleaning Support: Mrs A.Blades