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Welcome to Reception!

In the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), the children follow a play-based curriculum that will provide them with opportunities to:

  • Develop their confidence, independence and social interaction.
  • Encounter a range of new and exciting experiences, through the power of play. Build upon the skills they have as they leave the home environment to start school. 
  • Develop these skills as an individual.
  • Prepare for the next stage in their primary school curriculum. 


Throughout the school day, the children will learn in a range of different ways. Through whole class focused group work, small group learning, adult-led activities, child-led activities and independent play. 


Please find additional details about this academic year below, if you would like any further information on the EYFS at St John's please do not hesitate to arrange a visit. We always enjoy welcoming new friends and are looking forward to getting to know you all. 


Miss Solan- Reception Class Teacher smiley

Miss Blears- Reception Teaching Assistant  smiley


Early Years Long Term Planner

Timetable of useful information.











PE (Kit to stay in school)

Reading Books changed 

Library (children can select their own library book to take home if they have their book bag in school)



Autumn Term 1- Who am I? What Makes Me Unique?

Autumn 1 Newsletter- Who am I? What Makes Me Unique?

WB 4.9.19 Reception have had a fabulous first week at St John’s, we have been busy exploring our exciting new learning environment! Which is your favourite area to learn in and why?

WB 9.9.19 What do I look like?

12.9.19 Reception’s first PE session with Coach Sean was a huge success 🌟