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Unit: The Christmas Story 

13.10.20 Today we opened the Chatterbox to find a baby grow, a baby boy card, hay and some characters including a tiny baby. We discussed the special baby and learnt that he was called Jesus. We read the story ‘Jesus was Born’ from the Bible. We talked about when his birthday was, when our own birthdays were and made birthday cards to celebrate!

EYFS Unit: I am Special! 

Harvest: We learnt that Harvest is about being thankful for the food we have and that it is important to help others in need. We know that God made the land and that lots of food is grown on the land too.

16.10.20 Reception have been learning about The Creation Story and how God made the world in 7 days, we looked at the things God made and sequenced them in order to make our own book!

9.10.20 This week we learnt that we are all part of God’s wider family and he has high aspirations of us all. We discussed how we change as we grow from babies to toddlers, then children, teenagers before becoming adults. We then thought about what we might like to do or be when we grow up

25.9.20 We have been exploring the concepts of ‘same’ and ‘different’ this week. We have learnt that some things can be the same and others might be different when comparing toys, objects and our friends!

WB 28.10.20 We have explored the question ‘Why are names important?’. The chatterbox was filled with lots of different names and Dojo’s, we discussed how each name was different and had a go at writing them on the palm of our hands ✏️✋✋🏾