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Class teacher: Miss Weatherburn

Class support: Mrs Knight and Mrs Stott  


Nursery is a vibrant, fun and exciting place for our "Busy Bees". Our philosophy is that children are successful in a learning environment that allows them to be in control of their own learning, have meaningful interaction, one that values diversity, and encourages play. We believe that children will thrive in an environment that promotes the ability to direct their own learning guided by their interests. We value meaningful relationships with adults and other children to build a strong community within the environment. We believe hands on learning will help a child to achieve independence and develop skills. We understand that a quality learning environment should reflect safety, respect and responsibility and is supportive of each child's individual development

Long Term Plan 2020 2021

Autumn 2


This half term Nursery will be basing our learning around Petr Horáček’s most philosophical picture book yet: Blue Penguin. We will be focusing on themes around identity and belonging. Blue Penguin is not accepted by his community because he looks different from them. In his lonely dreams he envisions a white whale which moves him to make up a song. Its spiritual quality leads Blue Penguin to  friendship and the inspiration to create a new song that everyone can share. The textured illustrations with a colour palette focused on blue and white perfectly evoke the mysticism of the snowy landscape. We will be learning about Antarctica and the animals that live there, we will explore concepts such as: Freezing and melting, hot and cold and the seasonal changes associated with Winter. 

Our focus text for Autumn 1

WB 14.09.20

This week in Nursery we have been learning all about our community. We have talked about our local area and used Google Maps to look at our school and homes. We thought about different types of houses and what our home looks liked. We learnt two new songs: The Wheels on the Bus and Gonna Build a House (Tweenies) 

Family- week beginning 21.09.20

This week in Nursery we have been learning all about our family. We talked about the people in our family and how families are all different. We looked at photographs of our families and shared our experiences with each other. We painted and drew our families and enjoyed singing: Count OnMe (Bruno Mars). What a fun week it has been! 

Week beginning- 28/09/20 

This week in Nursery we have been learning about ourselves. We have drawn ourselves using paint and pen, we have learnt the names of our body parts and thought about our likes and dislikes. We read stories about being different (Elmer and Rainbow Fish) and in RE we learnt that we are all special.  

Week beginning: 12.10.20 

This week in Nursery we have been thinking about:  Keeping healthy and safe. We learnt about the importance of washing our hands and how to do it properly with the help of Super Soap! We also had lots of fun exercising and learning how exercise is good for our bodies and minds. We thought about healthy and unhealthy food and did some food tasting- yummy! We learnt about brushing our teeth and how to put our coats on. In RE we learnt about Harvest and dug up some carrots and potatoes like farmers. Wow what a lovely busy week we've had! 

Week beginning: 19.10.20 

This week we have been learning all about Autumn. We had a walk at our local Nature Trail where we spotted signs of Autumn and did some fabulous art work. We tried some autumn fruits and had lots of fun in our forest-floor small world area. It's been a wonderful and busy week in Nursery! 

Week beginning 9.10.20 This week we have explored the concept of hot and cold in Nursery, we watched ice melt in our hands and have been sorting hot and cold pictures into groups. We also made poppies to help remember those that sadly lost their lives.

Week beginning 16.11.20 

This week we have been learning all about penguins. We talked about the features of penguins, the lifecycle of a penguin and where penguins live. We painted and drew penguins and created some super art work. We even watched the penguin feed live at Edinburgh Zoo. It’s been a fun and exciting week in Nursery 🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧