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17.10.20 We listened to a piece of music called ‘Snow Storm’, we noticed that the music was quiet in some parts and loud in others. We danced like snowflakes, twirling and falling to the ground.

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10.11.20 This week we explored loud and quiet sounds using different everyday items. We also learnt a new word, dynamic, this means the volume of the sound.

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Autumn 2: Loud and quiet! 

20.10.20 This week we learnt a new word in Music, tempo! We learnt that it means how fast or slow the music is. We then tried using the rhythm sticks to create different tempos using an Autumn song.

13.10.20 This week we introduced the rhythm sticks into our music session, Mrs Knight taught us how to play them loud and quiet using lots of different rhythms and beats!

6.10.20 Body Percussion to Music

29.9.2020 We used body percussion to make our own music, just like in some of the songs that we know.

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22.9.20 We have been learning to use our bodies to make sounds and rhythms.

Autumn 1: Beat and tempo