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St. John’s consistently use the Big Maths approach for planning, teaching and learning for our daily Maths lessons.


Big Maths identifies the starting position and then tracks every child on their learning journey through its assessment spine, using fun, weekly Beat That Challenges.


Big Maths lessons are organised in CLIC  and SAFE  sessions, prioritising Basic Skills to provide the foundations for Wider Maths.


CLIC session usually lasts for 20 minutes roughly 5 minutes spent on each area:

  • Counting – exploring the number relationship of a fact, counting it out and deriving it for themselves
  • Learn Its – simply practising and recalling number facts
  • It’s Nothing New! – applying new contexts to facts, such as units of measure
  • Calculation – addition, subtraction, division and multiplication


CLIC becomes a pacey daily numeracy session that always builds fluency on fluency!


The wider aspects of Maths are covered through SAFE

  • Shape
  • Amounts
  • Fractions
  • Explaining Data