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Harvest Assembly (Oct 21)

Many thanks to all of you who were able to join us for our Harvest Assembly on Friday 8th October 2021. There were 58 parents, carers and friends joined us and the children from Years 1, 3 and 5 led us in celebration, sharing the story of Harvest, prayers and songs.


Here is a sample of some of the comments that you left us in your feedback about our Harvest event:



Lovely opportunity to see the children give thanks to God for all we have. Was lovely to see such confident and happy children and staff. 


A very good Harvest assembly. A delight to sit through and listen to. You should be very proud of all your children.


Lovely Harvest Service - well done, St. John's!


Lovely to be able to see the children in school and all their happy faces. Fantastic! Great to see all the teachers join in too!


Very good - beautiful singing and reading from all the children. really great to be back in school for something after so long.


Fantastic and lovely singing. Very smart children. Lovely welcome.


Lovely Harvest Festival. Great to be able to attend again. Children all performed really well. Was very impressed by all the children's behaviour. Well done to all the children and staff!

Really enjoyed it!


Good to see all the happy faces singing. Well done all years!


Absolutely amazing! So full of confidence when talking and singing - I loved it all!


Today's Harvest Festival was spectacular! I loved how enthusiastic the children were, especially with their singing. Well done, St. John's!


Absolutely fantastic assembly - well done all the children!


Well done to all the children - we really enjoyed it.


Thank you - was very nice!


Well done, everyone; you were all fabulous! Thank you for inviting us - it was good to be back in school watching. 


Fantastic assembly. Amazing performance.


Amazing Harvest Assembly, Year 1, 3 and 5 - well done!


Wonderfully done, lovely assembly!


Well done, children! Amazing performance!




I very much appreciated the way that the school show the children how grateful they should be for the foods God provided for us. Was amazing - thanks!


Everything was brilliant!


Such a sweet performance; kids from all classes. Did wonderfully in such a short time. Well done, St. John's! 


Really enjoyed and the children were fab!


Well done children! Super reading and singing!


It was great! Well done!


What a fantastic assembly by all the children involved!


Well done, everybody - brilliant!


Beautiful assembly!


Great to be able to celebrate Harvest with the school again.


Enjoyed the assembly - singing was great!


Well done, everyone - really amazing!


Really enjoyed it - thank you all!


Very well done. It's nice to be back in school watching the children again.


Fantastic assembly - well organised and children were well behaved!


Wonderful assembly - all the children were well behaved. Teachers did a great job organising the assembly. Loved it!


Lovely service! Well done to all the children!


Well done, everyone! Very well performed - really enjoyable!



Harvest Assembly October 2021