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St. John's English Policy

St. John's Reading Policy

Phonics Teaching & Learning



Phonics is taught in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 using Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised; a high quality systematic synthetic phonics programme which has been recently validated by the Department for Education. Children are taught whole class, using consistent daily plans and resources to embed firm foundations for early reading and continue to establish and grow a love of reading for all children. Daily assessment is used to ensure children are 'keeping up' and half termly assessment are used to identify the progress children have made as well as 'gaps' and trends which can be used to indicate and identify which children may require 'catch up' intervention or support additionally to their daily phonics lesson. Half termly assessments are also discussed within the reading team and used to identify any changes that may need to be made within reading and intervention groups. 


Early Reading

Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 take part in 'Group Reading' sessions three times per week, each groups reads the same book with the same adult and focusses on a different reading skill during each session (independent reading, prosody, comprehension). This consistent approach allows children to develop their levels of independence when reading by applying newly taught skills and improve confidence and fluency.

Children in these year groups take home a weekly 'Reading Practice' book, these books are fully decodable and have been carefully matched to the correct phonics stage for your child. Children are encouraged to read these books independently at home with parents/carers commenting on their progress/next steps in their Reading Record Books. We current use Pearson Reading Practice books.

Children are also invited to choose a weekly 'Sharing Book', these are class sets of high quality picture books that have been specific chosen to capture children's interests and develop a love of reading outside of the classroom. Children and families are encouraged to share and enjoy reading Sharing Books together for pleasure by talking about the pictures, predicting what might happen next and discussing the different characters and their emotions and voices. 



Guided reading is delivered throughout school and we have adopted the VIPERSS approach to strengthen children's comprehension skills.

We use the following reading schemes:

Oxford Tree Tops

Oxford Project X


Every child receives a book for Home Reading on a weekly basis. Parents and Carers sign their child's 'Star Books Reward Card' every time they have read, this is monitored by staff as children work towards a weekly Reading Raffle Prize.