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Electricity (Autumn 1)

Science Learning (Autumn 1)

In Autumn 1, Year 6 learned about the wonders of Electricity!

Electricity Display - the build-up of our Science learning journey

Investigating how to construct an electrical circuit: 8.9.20

Investigation: how do we change the brightness of a bulb? 22.9.20


As a class, we learned about the different factors that we could change within the circuit.

We decided that we could change:

* the number of bulbs;

* the number of batteries;

* the size (and voltage) of the batteries;

* the type of metal used within the wire;

* the thickness of the wire;

* the length of wire.


We chose to change the length of the wire, and, using wire strippers, measured out and stripped lengths of wire measuring 5cm, 10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 35cm and 40cm.


Inserting these lengths of wire into a circuit, keeping the bulb and battery the same so that it was a fair test, we were able to observe how the brightness of the bulb changed.