Pupils at St John's Church of England Primary School - History page
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Mrs E. Cook

History Subject Lead

“The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.” - Theodore Roosevelt


At St. John’s, we consider History as a subject area that enthuses, engages and inspires both teachers and pupils alike. By studying the past, pupils develop a deeper understanding of the present world around them and a greater sense of their own personal identity.

We strive to ensure that our pupils experience a wide breadth of study and, by the end of each key stage, acquire an ambitious body of historical skills and knowledge.

Through our History curriculum, we strive to inspire pupils’ curiosity about the past and to know more about the history of the world they live in. Our curriculum provides children with opportunities to ask perceptive questions, think critically, consider evidence and arguments, and develop perspective and judgement. Through the teaching of History, we endeavour to teach children to understand the complexity of people’s lives, the process of change, the diversity of societies and relationships between different groups, as well as their own identity and the challenges of their time.