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Cosy Reading Event (Oct 2021)

Many thanks to all of our families and friends who were able to join us tonight for our Cosy Reading Event. In total, there were 32 adult visitors and many more children; it was so wonderful to see you all sharing books together, warm and cosy by our interactive fire! 


Here’s what you said about our Cosy Reading Event:


It’s so lovely to come back into the school for the Cosy Reading activity. It was really enjoyable, cosy, fun and great to look at the books. Skyla has had a lovely time talking to friends during the activity and settling into the books and stories. A really nice idea! 

Fantastic event! Love seeing Charlie Reading different books and showing me what books he likes to read. Charlie got very excited when he found a book with his name in it! Would definitely come to the event again. Mrs. Knight was brilliant with the children.

The children loved the Cosy Reading event; they were able to show us some new books and we enjoyed reading them together. We’re looking forward to  attending more Reading events.


Devon really enjoyed it! Thank you.


It was a lovely event and an opportunity to read new books with our children in a cosy, relaxed environment. We had lots of fun!


Cosy Reading was great because there were beanbags and tables and I got to read to my family. I love it! Sebastian.


Lovely! Good fun and lots of books. 


I think it’s very good because everybody can enjoy and have fun.


Lovely Cosy Reading - we enjoyed the family reading session. Great idea! 


Mrs. Knight and Mrs. Thompson were very helpful! Also loving the book selection.


We loved having a cosy and happy place to read and enjoy some stories together. It was lovely seeing the wonderful relationships staff had with my children.


I came to do Cosy Reading with Leithan and Taylan. We read ‘NO-BOT’ - a funny book about a robot who lost his bottom, which Taylan read really well. This is a great idea to get the children and adults involved. I’m always happy to get involved. Great reading!


We enjoyed Cosy Reading; it’s nice to sit and eat with and to the children. 

Georgie and Mummy really enjoyed Cosy Reading; we had lots of fun!


Aaliyah and Mum really enjoyed Cosy Reading; it was really fun! 

We love the Cosy Reading event at school and it’s so nice to be able to come together again after the rough time we’ve had with COVID. We enjoyed sharing a story with Mrs. Knight. Thank you, St. John’s! 


Me and Kasie really enjoyed reading together. I think the Cosy Reading event is very useful for the kids and adults.

The Cosy Reading was a fantastic idea. It gave us the opportunity to do something productive with the children and it was wonderful to see so many turn up! Mrs. Knight was brilliant in offering support and reading with us.


Very enjoyable; lots of choice available. Felt very welcomed. 


My granddaughter Sienna Mai thought it was wonderful. It was nice to come into the school and be part of enjoying seeing the children reading the books. We would like to do it again.


Mrs. Knight read some pages of ‘Mighty Giants’ - lovely reading; thank you!


Excellent, lovely, relaxed areas to sit and end or explore books. Good opportunity to see teachers and get advice on reading to encourage at home. Thank you. 


Mrs. Knight and Mrs. Thompson were very helpful and relaxed. Great biscuits and plenty of space. Nathan enjoyed his Reading and seeing his friends. We read Charlie and Lola.