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Cosy Reading Event- January 2019

Parents and families were invited to come and share one of our new books together in front of the cosy fire! A huge thank you to everyone that came along 💖

Parent’s, Carer’s and Children’s Feedback


”This is a lovely little session for all children to read new book, my children really enjoyed it because they love reading books at home” Mrs Smith 


“Such a lovely idea! We really enjoyed the reading event” Miss King 


“Brilliant idea, really enjoyed it!” Miss Hughes 


A great idea and good for kids, Thank you 😊 “ Mr Kazim 


“I liked ‘Keith the Cat with the Magic Hat’ because the ice cream was on the cat’s head” Millie Y1


“It was really good, I like the fish with fingers book, my sister Jessica likes the pictures too” Aimee Y2


”It’s good, I like the books and the pillows” Bobbie N


”A great idea, Jacob has asked all afternoon when it was time for the reading event, he loves his books”Jacob’s grandma N